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Animation and motion graphics: a powerful tool for brand communication


From an email pop-up to YouTube videos, even those animated icon ‘likes’ and notifications, motion graphics are a part of our everyday lives. They require very little input from the viewer, and they are instinctive, designed to catch our eye, capture our attention, and stimulate a response. Brands are using motion graphics to engage with people more effectively to get them to act.

Here are some of the reasons why motion graphics will increase brand awareness and boost your brand’s performance.

Driving the viewer’s attention and creating a memorable user experience
Moving images will leave a lasting impact compared to static ones. They can be intelligent, entertaining, sophisticated, funny, and engaging. They can help a brand express its personality and agenda more distinctly, whether fun, educating, or enticing. Moving images are the simplest and the most effective way to ensure that people retain information for a long time.

Simplify a complicated message
Motion graphics are one of the perfect ways to highlight complex products and messages. With a combination of moving text, graphics and sound, complicated messages can be circulated comprehensively to the audience. Remember that last text and data-heavy PowerPoint presentation, a few seconds of motion graphics can clear everything up perfectly and deliver the message quickly and concisely.

Increase brand presence
The chances of you being visible in a Google search are higher for web pages when motion graphics are incorporated. Using them will attract more traffic to your site resulting in greater brand engagement and increased organic SEO performance, boosting your rankings.

Mixed with other styles
Motion graphics allow you to merge the content with other video styles such as animations, live videos, etc. It really does enrich the whole viewer experience and brand impact.

Cost & time effective
Motion graphics provide a platform that creates engaging and eye-catching promotional content; whether it’s as diverse a platform as digital POS materials or social media communications, they hardly get outdated and therefore have a longer lifespan in terms of their effectiveness. Motion graphics save a lot of time and effort, and the return on investment is much better than simple text-based messages or live-action videos.

In conclusion
Animation and motion graphics help your brand stand out among competitors and can set cool trends; they help you become memorable and make audiences want to engage with your brand and brand message.
We all know brand engagement will lead to increased sales.

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