Helping you make an impact in new places

NPD Idea Generation

There are always ways a brand can contribute to people’s lives in a more meaningful and positive way. Here at Wowme, the brand development agency, we love finding and sharing those opportunities with our clients.

Perhaps a new trend has emerged that your brand can take advantage of?
We can work quickly to help you harness its potential, even if it is launching in a completely new category.

Or we might discover, through our Brandscaping work, that people’s lifestyles have changed and your products need to flex to fit them. We can adapt your brand to change its perception, develop new messaging, graphics and tactical materials or campaigns to match new behaviours.

Alternatively, as part of your internal Research and Development strategy, you may want help creating new products. In this case, we can work with you on New Product Development to ensure success and cohesion to the parent brand. We’ve done it many times before, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

Ready to expand your brand horizons?

Brand Stretch

Introducing new choices and diversity to people who already love and like your products and services

Brand Extension

Moving you out of a category and into a new area, expanding your customer base and increasing your sales

NPD Creation

Whether to touch and hold, or present digitally we can help you bring concepts to life for an early indication of their potential

We believe a great relationship breeds better results


Brandscape / NPD Idea Generation


NPD Idea Generation / Artwork Services

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