Challenging a brands product position to take it mobile


Parents have busy lives, and sometimes it’s unavoidable that children need to join them on those car journeys to the supermarket or those much lengthier trips, maybe to a holiday destination. Keeping children occupied whilst on the go isn’t always easy.


How could we open up opportunities for the brand, moving them from a “use at home brand” to a “go anywhere” mobile one? We got thinking: could we make the Tomy Aquadoodle mats a mobile solution? How about a book? We worked with the Tomy team to create a new ‘travel’ version of Aquadoodle filled with counting games, letters and puzzles that children could enjoy on the move. The solution needed to appeal to both the UK and the French market.


To make Aquadoodle mobile even more engaging for kids – enhancing its staying power – we created a story book and an activity book in one. Young children love stories, so we embedded fun activities into the adventure of our two cute characters: Monty the Dog and Tilly the Cat.

We then gave each illustrated character a treasure-hunt tale for children to bring to life using the Aquadoodle pen. They help Monty hunt for his bone in one tale and help Tilly find her toys in another. The storytelling is all done with bright graphics and colourful icons – no words needed meant no language issues -helping develop fine motor skills, observation, logic and hand-eye coordination.

The Tomy Aquadoodle books are a mess-free way for young children to draw, ink, no stains, just ‘draw and dry’ fun with a water pen.


Brandscape NPD Idea Generation
"A fun and engaging product that can now open up exciting opportunities for future develop of the brand."
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