Helping a challenger brand take on the global toy giants


The toy market has seen many challenger brands appear in recent years, all keen to get a piece of the action. The opportunities and rewards for smaller brands can be huge but, as toy sector specialists, we know that the challenges are massive, too. Success relies on great product, smart messaging, the right infrastructure and insider expertise.


AZ Toys is an ambitious brand with its sights set firmly on success on a global stage. So the company came to us to help it break into the Western Europe and US market, briefing us to create an on-pack brand that would hold its own against the toy world giants.

Naturally, the client wanted to go big, saying as much as possible on pack so that the products wouldn’t go unnoticed. In an online environment, this ‘tell-all’ approach is often the right one, but in-store sometimes the opposite strategy packs more of a punch.


Rather than adding to the ‘noise’ of a busy retail environment, our packaging design for AZ Toys added much-needed peace and quiet. We deliberately stripped away unnecessary graphic flashes and call outs, highlighting instead the key product benefits for each individual toy. We also used soothing colours and soft-edged shapes to enhance the brand’s credibility.

The resulting brand look is a confident and clean one that reassures parents that AZ Toys are a worthy choice.


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