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Brand Refresh vs Rebranding


You may feel like it’s time to revamp your brand, so you need to decide whether you need a brand refresh or a rebrand.

What’s the difference between the two? There’s quite a difference. But both can make a huge impact, but you need to know which one would be best for you.

Difference Between a Brand Refresh and Rebranding

What is a Brand Refresh?
A brand refresh consists of updating your existing visual elements to reflect a more current image of your business. Depending on how outdated your brand looks the extent of the refresh may vary, but changes will be made to all current branding.
So, essentially, your brand will still be recognisable but just given a fresher feel. Branding needs to reflect up-to-date industry trends so a refresh will let your customers know that your company is still modern and relevant.
Some visual branding changes that a brand refresh may implement are:
• Updating font choices and the colour palette
• Updating your logo and your tagline
Other minimal adjustments can be made to your brand voice and product offerings, but you still want to be familiar. Although it is not a complete overhaul, these little amendments can still make a huge impact.

Signs You Need a Brand Refresh

Out of Date and Old Fashioned

If you have had the same branding for many years, it may start to look outdated. Customer loyalty and reputation may be the reason you want to keep your brand the same, so a refresh is a perfect solution.
Inconsistency and Confusion
Maybe you’ve been toying with different colour palettes and fonts already, but you need to focus. A brand refresh can help you find your footing and make sure your branding is consistent throughout all media platforms.

Significant Growth and Expansion

Your business evolves and grows, your product offering expands, don’t forget about your brand. Reassess and make sure it reflects who you are and what you do and refresh it accordingly.
Changing Target Audiences
Maybe your business has changed in some way and now has a different target audience, so it is a good idea to conduct a brand refresh to reflect this. Your brand needs to target the right people.

What is Rebranding?

Rebranding is more comprehensive than a brand refresh. More than just the visual elements, rebranding completely transforms and reinvents business identity.
Some changes that occur during rebranding include:
• Creating a new personality and a new brand message and voice
• Transforming your entire image, branding guidelines and marketing materials
More work goes into rebranding and it requires a great deal of commitment and perseverance. Ultimately starting from scratch again, the aim is to recreate your company’s image and for customers to change their perception of you.

Signs You Need a Rebrand

Current Identity is Outdated

Just like a brand refresh, if your branding is out of date or old fashioned, you could conduct a rebrand to ensure it is modern and current. If you feel a refresh isn’t enough and want a complete overhaul instead, rebranding is the best choice.

Doesn’t Reflect Evolution of Industry or Business

Whether industry expectations have changed or you can’t keep up with your competition, a rebrand could give you the edge and make sure you stay ahead of the curve. Also, if your business is evolving itself, a brand transformation could reflect the changes that you are making.
Marketing New Services, Products and to New Audiences

If the purpose of your business is completely changing, then it makes sense to rebrand. If you are marketing new products and services or changing your focus target audience, then your brand needs to reflect this. By going in a new direction, your current branding can’t come with you.

Should You Choose a Brand Refresh or Rebrand?

How much do you need to change? Will a fresh lick of paint be enough, or do you go all in and abandon your current identity?

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