Launching a mighty meaty brand into a meat-free world with a sizzle


Meat-free products are no longer just a trend; they’re a lifestyle choice. Better for the planet, healthier for our bodies, meat-free is the way forward, opening up new opportunities for FMCG brands happy to move with the times.


Could we successfully take one of the giants of the meat world, Richmond, into the plant-based category with a new meat-free range? The brand is known for its juicy sausages, our challenge then was to convince shoppers its new plant-based products would be just as tasty; whilst retaining the heritage and core values associated with Richmond.


Brand consistency and clarity was key to the success of the new Richmond meat-free packaging. Our designs needed to look like meaty Richmond products whilst clearly showing people this was Richmond with an exciting plant-based twist.

To do this, we made full use of the existing brand and brand architecture that customers know and love, housing our new designs in the familiar Richmond brand landscape and colour palette. We then added ‘meat-free’ visual cues, graphics and language that were performing well for competitors in the meat-free world.


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The final brand packaging sizzled with deliciousness. It encouraged existing Richmond fans to try something new and also brought new shoppers to the brand who had never tried it before!
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