Reclaiming Homepride’s rightful place at the heart of baking


The trend for home baking has thrived in recent years thanks to the popularity of baking shows and a national stay-at-home lockdown. With a new generation of bakers ready, waiting and hungry to bake, Homepride flour was about to rise to the occasion.


Since 1964 Homepride has been a kitchen staple of many homes, but over the years its brand presence has dwindled. Homepride needed to re-establish itself as the flour of choice for bakers all over the country, to re-align itself with 21st-century bakers and build its brand base up again.



We leveraged Homepride’s biggest brand asset: Fred, the miller, from Homepride who has featured on countless adverts over the years. Remembered fondly, this fun, charming character had been out of the spotlight for too long; and we knew success in the category lay in introducing Fred to a new audience.

We put Fred front and centre on Homepride’s packaging giving the brand huge stand out on the shelves and instant recognition amongst older bakers. We also added classic recipes with contemporary illustrations to the packs to inspire and deepen a love for baking amongst our new audience.


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Leveraging the halo effect of the GBBO and bringing Fred to the fore brings continued success for this much-loved brand.
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