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Product lines are always evolving and developing as markets change. When new products are introduced into an existing product range, it can sometimes pose real challenges for the teams managing its success. Fortunately, we’ve many years experience helping new products become part of the family.


Del Monte is known for its high quality fresh and fresh-cut fruit. Together with its growers, Del Monte created a new type of pineapple that was naturally sweeter and higher in vitamin C than the current range – and called it GOLD.

Our challenge was to create premium packaging for GOLD. We needed a solution that not only communicated the new product proposition clearly but would stand out on the shelf from the Del Monte’s core pineapple range. Thus, making it easy for people to understand the product’s differences and shop accordingly.


We worked closely with the Del Monte team to ensure our solution was sympathetic to existing packaging guidelines whilst also giving GOLD a distinct premium appearance.

To do this we created a striking black and gold brand look and used rich product photography, with a slightly unique pineapple composition, to make the packaging sing out ‘premium’. We also highlighted key messages on the packaging so people would be in no doubt why GOLD was special.


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