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Getting your Brand Positioning Right: Develop Brand Positioning


As we all begin to settle back into normality, what should be the key learnings from the last 2 years? What have we learnt from living through a pandemic? And how should any brand implementation strategy incorporate these lessons to get Brand Fit?

Personalisation in marketing remains essential – it’s more than just addressing your customer by name or using a handwritten font for that personal touch! Personalised content means delivering relevant communication to customers based on their interests and context in real-time and throughout their shopping journey.

As third-party cookies will be removed, albeit with a slight reprieve until 2023, first-party data becomes key to understanding what your customers want, and it is imperative to start planning now. Why? Because this allows you to tailor your communication and create hyper-personalised shopping experiences. How to do this? With an intuitive Customer Experience Platform (CXP), you can collect personal data, historical data, intent, and product searches – and then efficiently act on it. Your customer data is a veritable goldmine.

Customer lifecycle communication is essential, and your main goal should be to activate them as soon as possible to build strong brand trust. That way, customers will prioritise you over competitors and continue to come back to you repeatedly.

To successfully run a business online today, you need to make your website and app an enjoyable and easy to use experience whilst being accessible to all. For example, ensure that every piece of information is presented so that people can understand it. Use easy to understand terminology with clear language. Don’t create something too complicated, as click-through rates will suffer, and visitors will leave and not return.

Online shopping continues to grow, but as many retailers reopen their doors, a seamless omnichannel experience is more important. It’s all about convenience for consumers these days; unfortunately, retail fails when online and offline don’t work together. Physical stores still serve a purpose, and you need to be available to your customers – wherever and whenever they need you. Invigorate sales and customer loyalty by investing in your omnichannel strategy!

Performance marketing is still crucial, but social commerce is becoming more popular by the day. Make it part of your marketing mix! Influencers play a pivotal role in your social commerce strategy, providing they are the right fit for your brand. With YouTube making moves into social commerce with live streaming shopping events – and with similar events flourishing on TikTok, it’s here to stay!

In conclusion
The retail world is moving quickly, and sometimes it’s challenging to keep up. You must allow time for brand development and stretch. As we now enter what is hopefully a post-pandemic world, brands still matter, especially one’s customer’s trust or perceive as essential for modern living. But it also feels like a good time for a change. An excellent time for brands to embrace change, revisit what your customers want of you and seize the new opportunities.
Begin to think about the topics we have explored here and consider implementing each element to get Brand Fit.

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