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Wow Me Design has developed many online image strategies for brands seeking to maximise online sales opportunities. It’s a highly competitive environment, so whether it’s been launching a new store or updating an existing one, we’ve experienced delicate balancing between brand requirements, website rules and shopability for the consumer.

Some eyewatering stats. is the biggest online marketplace in the UK, and an astounding 86% of the UK’s population shops on Amazon. Between October and November 2020, it’s reported that the site received somewhere in the region of 579.5 million visitors. So, thousands of companies have turned to this marketplace to sell their brands. Exposure to a massive number of new consumers with relatively very little outlay – it makes business sense, often running quietly alongside other marketing strategies.

So should your brand have a presence, or even if you do, does your online store do your products justice? Jeff Bezos once said, “What’s dangerous is not to evolve”.

Be more engaging.

There’s an opportunity for online marketplace images to be more engaging. In a shop environment, consumers are used to seeing the front of packs; if they want to know more, they pick up the product and look at the other faces. These face images must appear on your online store, but there’s a huge opportunity to tell the brand story. To go deeper, sell the experience.

Be more lifestyle.

The world’s most successful brands are considered lifestyle brands for a reason. They understand that having its products embody its customers’ interests, aspirations and motivations is a “smart” business practice. They all do this by representing their audience’s emotions, values and identities. Ok, it’s slightly different for Apple or Nike to a confectionery brand, but the principles are the same. The easiest way to achieve this within your imagery is to place your product in a lifestyle environment. Set the scene with an attractive and engaging image.

Cut through the noise.

With nearly a third of a million sellers on Amazon’s UK marketplace, it’s hard to stand out; it’s tough. But let’s make your store and the images on that store enjoyable and informative and synergise with your other brand activity. Ensure that those visiting your store can clearly understand from the images what your offering is; this includes a pack shot, a product shot and lifestyle aspirational shots.

Wow Me the Brand Support Agency

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