Eco-thinking that meant 50% less packaging and 100% more play


The pressure on toy brands to keep their environmental impact to a minimum, is huge. Particularly when parents make a decision to buy or not to buy a toy based on the amount of single-use plastic or multi-material packaging the toy is sold in.


Package a classic die-cast farm set and make the packaging part of the storytelling experience, reducing waste, cutting single-use plastic and demonstrating how Tomy are ‘doing their bit’ for the environment. The packaging had to keep the products safe in transit, look good on shop shelves and stay in top condition if sold online.


We turned the whole box into a playtime theatre for kids, which we called ‘Farm in a Box’. Kids unpacked the toys then simply folded out stables, outbuildings, walls and a barn from the packaging. The structures were printed on recycled cardboard with plant-based ink.

The items arrived safe and secure in the box without additional padding or filling. There were no plastic fixtures, film or tape, and kids could colour in the box if they wanted. When sold online, no extra packaging was needed for the toys and when sold in-store, a simple sleeve made it retail ready.


Brandscape Packaging Design NPD Idea Generation
Our solution reduced packaging volume by 50% and negated the use of any plastic vac form elements and ties. The packaging could be used successfully in both e-tail and retail environments.
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