Building a hugely successful own-label brand for parents looking for LEGO alternatives


When LEGO’s patent on construction bricks ended, there was a huge opportunity for our client, Wilko, to take advantage of the growing construction toy market.


The company already has its own range of construction products, called Blox. The range packaging didn’t convey the trust and excitement that parents looked for, and found, in the Danish market leader. If Blox was to be a success, it needed a credible new look that parents and kids would love and, crucially, choose – again and again.


We thought like kids, conceptualising and creating a new look that placed the product into a child’s imaginary world. To do this, we built bespoke three-dimensional landscapes where we photographed the products, creating ‘amongst the action’ excitement for the brand. We also created a Blox ‘hero’ character who became the spokesperson for the brand, adding humour and fun to its personality that we used on-pack and at various touchpoints.


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The arresting ‘kids eye view’ packaging made a huge impact on the shelf, growing the own-label brand significantly.
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