Outdoor toy packaging isn't child's play


The UK outdoor toy sector is valuable, in 2020, partly due to lockdown, it was reported to represent 29.3% of toy sales with a value of £7.7m*.

Packaging and imagery play a crucial role in selling outdoor toys in the UK toy industry. The packaging is the first point of contact that a potential buyer has with a product. It needs to grab their attention, create excitement and ultimately persuade them to make a purchase. In a highly competitive market, it’s essential to create packaging and imagery that stands out and engages potential buyers.

There are two main approaches to packaging in the UK toy industry, branded and own-brand. Branded packaging features the logo and design elements of an established toy manufacturer. Own-brand packaging is designed by or for the retailer and features their branding and design elements.

Branded packaging can be highly effective in creating excitement and trust in a product. Brands like Nerf, Little Tikes, and Razor have a reputation for creating high-quality outdoor toys that children love. The packaging is often brightly coloured, with bold graphics and images that showcase the product’s features. Branded packaging can be especially effective for parents who are familiar with the brand and have a positive association with it.

Own-brand packaging can be equally effective in creating excitement around a product. Retailers can use their branding and design elements to create a unique packaging style that sets their products apart from the competition. Own-brand packaging can be especially effective for retailers who want to showcase their products as an affordable alternative to branded toys. Wilko’s range of outdoor toys demonstrate a dynamic point of difference over branded alternatives, with exciting action-packed photography and graphics.

An age-appropriate design approach is also crucial when designing packaging and imagery for outdoor toys. The design should reflect the age range of the toy, and the packaging should include safety warnings and age recommendations. This ensures that parents feel confident in their purchase and that children can safely enjoy their new toy.
The use of age range infographics can also assist in guiding the shopper as to the difficulty level of the toy or game. A great example of this can be seen on Wilko’s BLOX building block sets.

Pester power is another factor that needs to be considered when designing packaging and imagery for outdoor toys. Pester power refers to the influence that children can have on a purchasing decision. Retailers need to create packaging and imagery that appeals to children, while also providing parents with the information they need to make an informed purchase.

In conclusion, exciting packaging and imagery are essential in selling outdoor toys in the UK toy industry. Branded and own-brand approaches can be equally effective, and an age-appropriate design approach is crucial. Retailers also need to consider pester power and create packaging and imagery that appeals to children while providing parents with the necessary information to make an informed purchase. By creating engaging packaging and imagery, retailers can drive sales and create a positive association with their brand.

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