A new taste adventure for kids to snack on


After a long day at school kids need to refuel. With moods, trends and tastes evolving it’s crucial that the food and drink market stays innovative. New flavours and new products are the only way to ensure hunger is satisfied.A


Attack-A-Snak has many loyal fans who love its wrap-based range of fun ‘build your own’ products and classic flavours. New research showed its fans were becoming more adventurous in their tastes and craved something different.

Attack-A-Snak responded, introducing new flavours and products that people could really get their teeth into, such as the Nachos Snack Kit. Our challenge was to communicate the thrill of Attack-A-Snak’s new taste offerings with stand-out packaging.


Taking the existing core architecture of the Attack-A-Snack brand, we developed arresting brand creative for the new products. Our striking packaging designs promised full-on taste adventure and, crucially, were bold enough to stand out at specific times of the year when sales traditionally wane, like Halloween.


NPD Idea Generation
“Delicious and mouthwatering designs that are a hit with hungry teens, driving sales growth.”
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