Making memories sweeter at special times of the year


Brands have a great opportunity to generate huge volumes of sales during key seasonal events throughout the year. Especially when they strike the right emotional chord with people.


We were asked to bring all of Swizzels’ classic sweets into one box, and tap into a collective nostalgia for the corner-shop sweet shops we all remember as kids. Swizzels wanted the box to be their ‘celebrations’ mixture with year-round appeal, with particular pull at Halloween and Christmas. Designs needed to be bright, engaging and unique; and instantly show off much-loved Swizzels’ sweet brands.


Each square houses a different highly-rendered product against a bright background, making it hard to miss on the shelf. We branded the box ‘Sweet Shop Favourites’ to stir people’s memories and evoke nostalgia. The final stand-out design translates easily across different pack formats and sizes.


Packaging Design
Swizzels’ Sweet Shop Favourites has rolled out successfully year after year. It’s now a staple purchase for people who love having the sweets as part of their seasonal celebrations.
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