Luxury packaging for chocolate treats set to make mouths water


Snacking and TV culture go hand in hand. And with subscriptions to TV streaming services at a high, there’s a real opportunity for brands to have a nibble of the action.


Create a look for a new luxury range of delicious chocolate-dipped nuts and fruits that would fast become a part of a home’s ‘TV treats’ cupboard. Working with the existing brand architecture, the creative had to ooze indulgence and make mouths salivate.


Because the snack packs needed to be foil bags (to retain freshness) and were to be marketed as a ‘treat’, we knew photography would be the best way to create a ‘naughty but nice’ tone and mood. Using sophisticated, sensual imagery and very indulgent food styling, we forged designs that elevated Forest Feasts into the A-list of snacks.

The overall creative was stripped-back and clean, allowing for individual colour variants to correspond to a product. This colour-coding approach meant people could effortlessly choose their favourite snack and, more importantly, would enable the client to add to the initial launch range over time with ease.


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“The strength of the pack designs contributes to the continued growth of the brand.”
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