Spicing up the biltong market with a lion-sized roar


Thanks to the wonderful multicultural world we live in, so many of today’s tastes and flavours come from countries other than our own. As a result, many of us embrace opportunities to expand our culinary palate in our day-to-day lives, whether it’s trying a new recipe or reaching for a new snack.


Biltong, which is Dutch for ‘meat strip’, has been eaten in Southern Africa for centuries and is now popular in the UK as a snack. In a saturated biltong market, however, newcomers may struggle to make an impact. Armed with our client’s unique biltong recipe (traditional African dry spices blended with premium UK beef), we set about creating a brand for his product that would launch with a roar.


Our client’s biltong recipe blended the best of Africa with the best of British; a culture clash that was the starting point for the new brand. We created a well-dressed lion as the figurehead (inspired in part by our client’s booming personality and impeccable dress sense), which became the brand’s spokesperson and masthead.

We also used traditional African-inspired patterns and colours to make a visual impact along with an English tonal sentiment and structure to create the brand’s distinct Afro-Anglo vibe. A perfect combination.


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“Creating such a strong identity and packaging has really provided an amazing opportunity for the future of the brand.”
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