Giving the products in Aldi’s irresistible ‘middle aisle’ a cohesive new look


We’ve all done it: rummaged in the famous ‘middle aisle’ of an Aldi for products we never knew we needed, looking at the amazing discounts to be had. As humans we love a bargain, it’s why we often leave retailers like Aldi with more than what we went in for.


Aldi came to us to help them capitalise on people’s shopping behaviour when browsing the ‘middle aisle’; specifically asking us to create a clean, simple new brand look and packaging that could be rolled out across all current and future Aldi home products. From cleaning and laundry products to home electricals and kitchen accessories such as taps, the new look would need to stretch seamlessly over them all and hit Aldi stores globally.

This meant we’d need to create multilingual variations, consider regional sensitivities and comply with specific market regulations. Plus, we’d need to create and supply an easy-to-follow style guide and comprehensive design kit for Aldi’s regional design teams to use to execute the new brand fast and effectively.


We created a new Easy Home master brand for Aldi with huge shoppable appeal. We then housed eight sub-categories underneath Easy Home to help consumers better understand where each product sat in the overall range.

Each sub-brand had its own unifying set of colours, textures and icons to give quick context to the product and its place in the home. This simple but striking brand architecture was easily able to flex and fit all packaging shapes and sizes, including challenging window apertures and small labels and tags.


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A fresh, clean and uncomplicated new home brand that reinforces Aldi’s overall brand values.
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