A successful makeover to help non-DIYers find their perfect ‘look’


With time on our hands many of us are looking to giving our homes a face lift, but with a myriad of paints for different applications knowing which to choose can be the biggest challenge. Indeed, during Brandscaping work for Wilko, we discovered that consumers find it very difficult to get exactly the paint they want. Some people even said that they found the task “terrifying” and “daunting”. Our job? Make it easier for DIYers shopping Wilko’s paint range – whilst reassuring them that it was still the best choice for their needs.


Wilko’s own-brand paint has been a player in the paint and woodcare market since it first appeared on shelves in 1973. Over that time, the market has grown substantially and consumers’ attention spans have shortened.


We took a detailed look at the heritage of the brand and the requirements of today’s shoppers, then set about communicating both with real impact. We developed a unified brand architecture for the range made up of clear on-pack copy, easy-to-understand icons, and simple information panel graphics.


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When it launched in store, the new look was a huge success, enabling customers to navigate the range easily and quickly find the right paints and finishes.
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