Engineering a cohesive brand for long term growth


As a business grows and establishes itself in its marketplace, its brand must continue to be relevant and reflective of the time we live in. How it represents itself and how the world sees it is crucial for clients, suppliers and employees; developing an effective personality, voice and tone will ensure the brand remains pertinent and successful.


Founded in 1980, JNP Group Consulting Engineers, who have offices throughout the UK, are well respected within their area of expertise. When established 40+ years ago, their own sector had a very different landscape, a male-dominated industry with a very “suited and booted” attitude. As a business JNP Group are and has been, for some time, leaders with a very different approach, a very people-centric one. They operate on a culture of excellence; they recognise their people as their greatest asset. They thrive on building long-lasting relationships with their clients with a client-centred approach. It was time to develop a brand that reflected that modern outlook and supported them in future growth.


Such a positive philosophy required fresh thinking. We embraced the “positive” attitude by developing an identity that reflected a forward-thinking and progressive company. Applied to all touchpoints of their business from the website, stationery, office branding, and even supporting their active recruitment drive, attracting the best new talent direct from Schools and Universities. Their growth is on-going, and the design has helped underpin all aspects of their business.


Brandscape Packaging Design
“This has delivered the perfect platform for growth to help move our business forward.”
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