Evolving the packaging of a traditional family favourite


Heritage brands must evolve to stay in front of challenger brands. But any change requires a delicate approach and deep understanding of where the brand sits in people’s lives.


Mr Brain’s has been at the heart of many family meals for centuries. The brand’s cheery yellow and red packaging, and familiar Mr Brain’s character, is much loved by mums, dads and grandparents all across the UK. We were asked to redesign the packaging of Mr Brain’s to introduce the heritage brand to a new generation without alienating its core audience.


For us, the way forward was evolution, not revolution. Based on what we knew would a) appeal to modern families and b) preserve the brand’s emotional legacy, we set about our work. With small, incremental changes we created a fresh look for Mr Brain’s products. Ready for the homes that already love it – and for the families yet to discover just how good it tastes.


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"A superbly delivered new look for continuing the lasting legacy for a much loved brand."
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