Creating buzz and excitement for collectables every season


Collectable cards are just as popular today as they’ve ever been with kids, big and small. In fact, thanks to their universal appeal, they have an important role at home and in the playground – teaching kids vital life skills such as negotiating, responsibility, sharing and money management.


The challenge is how to keep collectable cards exciting for children every season. Whether it’s football cards or wrestling cards, we have to make the next release of their favourite Topps’ trading cards more thrilling than the last.

What’s more, within each collection there can be anything up to 400 cards or stickers to collect, as well as ‘special cards’ that need to look more valuable than the rest. So creating a design that’s fresh, inspiring, current, and eclectic enough to give rare cards an identity of their own, is essential.


For every new collectables project we fully immerse ourselves in the world of the sport. Through this ‘deep dive’, we drew inspiration from popular and trending graphic styles, as well as the sport and its stars themselves. Giving us a solid design base to launch from.

For the ‘special cards’ within the collection, we created stand-out individual designs, using special materials and finishes on limited print runs, to reflect their rarity and, most importantly, increase their playground appeal.


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Every season, Topps collector cards continue to build excitement and engagement with thrilling and unique designs, making their collections some of the most sort after in the market.
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