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In recent years, there has been a significant surge in the popularity of online sports collector cards, particularly among young adults. Due to the pandemic, traditional sports events and activities came to a halt, prompting sports enthusiasts to turn to the virtual world of card collecting as a means of staying connected to their favourite teams, players, and fellow enthusiasts.


One noteworthy example of such a digital sports card game is Topps Total Football, a mobile app that boasts an impressive roster of over 500 of the world’s top players, both past and present. Players can collect, trade, and compete with one another using bespoke player ratings to outscore their opponents. Moreover, the app also enables users to create tangible, printed versions of their digital cards through Topps’ unique real-world print and delivery feature. These cards are designed to include special print effects such as spot colours, varnishes, mirrored and holographic stock, all of which serve to enhance their overall desirability and collectability.


The production team takes measures to maintain a balance between the structured layout of the card’s statistics and the distinctive design elements that convey card sub-sections, price points, and rarity. To achieve this, they manage and release a diverse range of card subjects at various stages of the campaign. Additionally, the collection features “total performers,” which are cards that feature up-to-date player images and stats from recent games, ensuring that users remain engaged and interested over time.


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Overall, Topps Total Football represents a highly innovative and unique entry in the emerging world of virtual collectibles, providing football fans from all around the globe with a completely new and engaging digital game experience.
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